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1. Comfortable Life Jacket - Even the most experienced canoe paddler can get caught in an awkward situation and should wear a United States Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times.
2. Paddle - Their are many types of paddles, choosing the right length and construction is important things to consider while makeing sure not to break your budget. Most people choose a canoe paddle length based on the height on their chin from the ground. This will give you an idea of waht legnth you need. Aluminum, wood, and carbon-fiber are just a few of the materials that canoe paddles are available in. Some are lighter than others which will add to comfort, and seom have bent shafts for a more efficent stroke.
3. Water - Dehydration can be very dangerous on the water, especially during the hot months of summer. Remember that alcohol only increases this risk.
4. Food - High-energy foods such as granola bars, peanut butter, or snack mix can reenergize you during your trip.
5. Dry, Warm Clothes - A dry change of clothes (don't forget the shoes and socks) can make all the difference in being comfortable and safe on the water.
6. Dry Bags - Be sure to pack your food and extra clothing where it will stay dry. Dry storage bags are an easy and cheap (usually under $25) way to keep your gear dry and useful for your trip.
7. Rain Gear - You never know when rain clouds can appear and you'll want to make sure your able to stay dry and comfortable if they do.
8. Large Sponge - A sponge can come in handy for picking up messes and to help get rid of excess water inside the boat.
9. Sunscreen - Protection from the sun is a great item to have with you anytime of year. Make sure you don't forget the good-sized brimmed hat.
10. First-Aid Kit - Here are a few items to get you started - band-aids of different sizes, pain relievers, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, and antiseptic wipes. This is a limited list and you should base what you include on your own needs.

ENJOY the Trip

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